Month: October 2022

Pediatric cardiac surgery

Unfortunately, the statistics of pathologies of the cardiovascular system in children is growing every year. However, medicine does not stand still: cardiovascular surgery is actively developing, and today Medical City specialists can carry out life-saving operations from the first minutes of a child’s life.

In what cases can I turn to endovascular surgery?

Modern cardiac surgery in Russia uses minimally invasive techniques in the treatment of congenital and acquired diseases of the cardiovascular system. Among the most common pathologies are:

Defect of the […]

Robot-assisted operations in gynecology

MSH “Neftyanik” is the only clinic in the region where minimally invasive operations are performed with the help of a Da Vinci Si robot surgeon

How does such an operation work?

The surgeon remotely controls the robot’s 4 mechanical “hands” from a special console, controlling the process through high-resolution stereoscopic glasses. Every movement that the surgeon makes on the control console is repeated by the robot with absolute accuracy.

Among the undeniable advantages of robotic surgery:

fast recovery
reduction of pain,
no visible scars
minimal risks of […]