How to find a well-paid job in the field of freight transportation

The development of the freight transportation sector in the United States is a dynamic and multifaceted process influenced by a number of factors, including technological advances, legislative changes, economic shifts and growing consumer demands. The freight transport sector encompasses various modes of transport, including road (automobile), rail, air and sea, each of which plays a crucial role in the movement of goods within and outside the country.

Technological innovations have significantly affected the freight transportation sector. The integration of GPS and […]

Brazilian Bingo: 5 reasons for popularity

Brazilian bingo is not just entertainment, it is a real way to the heart of everyone who appreciates the combination of excitement and social interaction in the gameplay. In this article, we will dive into bingo and highlight the key reasons why the game has won millions of hearts around the world.

Moreover, you can independently choose a site suitable for you for a comfortable bingo game. To do this, there are many ratings that are compiled by professional players with […]

Tests for hormones and vitamins

To begin with, if you complain of a constant or increasing depressive state, the doctor will refer you to the study of the level of the hormones melatonin and serotonin. The level of melatonin changes during the day, because this hormone is mainly produced at night, and therefore it is recommended to take the analysis early in the morning. Normally, the level of melatonin in the morning reaches 15-30 pg / ml (and at night – 52.3-149.4 pg /ml). The […]

What can be done with chronic fatigue in winter?

You can, of course, wait until spring, when by the end of March the daylight hours will increase, the first seasonal vegetables will appear on the shelves again, but the quality of life will not improve from this expectation. It is important to understand that winter chronic fatigue will not go away by itself, because the reasons for its appearance are in the peculiarities of our climate, which we cannot change.

However, there are several ways to alleviate your condition:

try to […]

  Causes of fatigue in winter

The first and one of the most important is the lack of sun. A significant and very long reduction in daylight hours in winter, when the dark time of day only increases for months, leads to two consequences. Firstly, it has a depressing effect on the psyche, which finds it difficult to function normally in constant twilight.

Secondly, under the influence of sunlight, more precisely, the ultraviolet part of its spectrum, vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) is produced in our skin. The less […]

Chronic fatigue in winter – how to deal with it

Constant fatigue, unwillingness to cope with even the simplest household chores, difficulties at work associated with loss of concentration and fatigue – all this looks familiar, doesn’t it? It seems that you need a little more rest, and everything will pass, but even rest does not help. This is chronic winter fatigue, and why it occurs and whether it can be overcome – will tell Valery Savanovich, founder and owner of the online medical laboratory Lab4U.

Manifestations of chronic winter fatigue

It […]

Increased defecation

Excessive addiction to products with a laxative effect (plums, apricots) leads to the appearance of diarrhea. Do not forget about medications. Improper use of antibiotics can cause severe diarrhea. Sometimes diarrhea occurs when the body is poisoned.

Frequent trips to the toilet can be provoked by more serious reasons:


Crohn’s disease (inflammatory process occurring in the intestine);




liver diseases;

rectal cancer;


intestinal tuberculosis.

Any disorders in the body require the intervention of physicians. Independently diagnose and select treatment is strictly prohibited. After all, it is this […]

Advice to patients who are going to, or cannot yet come to us

First of all, you need to understand that there are different types of cancer.HTML comment: <!– /noindex –> Tumors can be very different, even if people have a tumor in the same organ. Based on the results of your tests, the doctor can tell what kind of tumor you have. Based on these analyses, it is also possible to predict the development of the disease and the results of treatment.

Understanding the forecast can influence your decision on the choice of […]

Robot-assisted operations in oncourology

MSH “Neftyanik” is the only clinic in the region where minimally invasive operations are performed with the help of a Da Vinci Si robot surgeon

How does such an operation work?

The surgeon remotely controls the robot’s 4 mechanical “hands” from a special console, controlling the process through high-resolution stereoscopic glasses. Every movement that the surgeon makes on the control console is repeated by the robot with absolute accuracy.


Among the undeniable advantages of robotic surgery:

fast recovery
reduction of pain,
no visible scars
minimal risks of […]

Comprehensive urodynamic study

CUDI is the only method that allows you to establish functional disorders in the bladder and make an ACCURATE DIAGNOSIS.


the study, special disposable sensors are installed to the patient, which record the behavior of the bladder.

Indications for urodynamic examination:

– Women and men with any urinary incontinence.

– Patients with urination disorders after surgical interventions.

– Patients with difficulty and frequent urination.⠀

– Patients with multiple sclerosis, brain and spinal cord injury, stroke patients who have urination disorders.

– Patients with congenital spinal cord diseases.

– […]