Pediatric cardiac surgery

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Unfortunately, the statistics of pathologies of the cardiovascular system in children is growing every year. However, medicine does not stand still: cardiovascular surgery is actively developing, and today Medical City specialists can carry out life-saving operations from the first minutes of a child’s life.

In what cases can I turn to endovascular surgery?

Modern cardiac surgery in Russia uses minimally invasive techniques in the treatment of congenital and acquired diseases of the cardiovascular system. Among the most common pathologies are:

Defect of the atrial septum. During the operation, an occluder is inserted into the vein, which looks like a catheter with an umbrella at the end. When the occluder reaches the site of pathology, it opens, as if closing the atrial communication, while disconnecting from the catheter. In the future, it is necessary to control the position of the occluder without maintenance therapy.

Pulmonary artery stenosis. The operation takes place, as in the case of DMPP, only instead of an umbrella, a microscopic balloon is located at the end of the catheter. Getting to the right place, it swells, expanding the area of stenosis. This ensures the normal patency of the vessel.

Operations are used in the treatment of other diseases: valvular pathology, defects of the septa of the heart, as well as with open arterial defect. During the operation, the surgeon monitors the course of the catheter using transesophageal echocardiography (EchoCG) or angiography.

Advantages of endovascular and endosurgical techniques

Endovascular technologies have opened up new opportunities for the treatment of primarily congenital pathologies. In fact, the techniques imply the introduction of vascular devices into the lumen of the artery, for example, occluders and their further advancement to the site of pathology and operations. Unlike classical surgical interventions, endovascular and endosurgical operations are performed without incisions, therefore:

There is no need to use artificial blood circulation.

The child recovers faster, and after 2-3 hours he can be transferred to the parents’ ward.

There are no scars and cosmetic defects that could stay with the child for life and cause complexes.

The operation takes place with the use of gentle anesthesia for the child.


The main advantage of the techniques is the possibility of performing surgery from the first moments of life. There were unique cases in the practice of Medical City. For example, conducting a two-stage stenting for a newborn girl diagnosed with tetrad fallot with pulmonary artery atresia. The girl weighed only 1800 grams, was in critical condition, but underwent surgery well. We described this case in detail in the article.

What operations are carried out in “Medical City”?

The Department of Cardiac Surgery conducts all types of surgical treatment of congenital pathologies, including operations according to the author’s methods, Hi-class:

Ross — in the process, the aortic valve is replaced with an autograph, that is, its own pulmonary artery valve.

Nikaido is an operation for children with diagnosed transposition of the main vessels, implying the displacement of the aortic mouth and coronary arteries, biventricular reconstruction of the excretory tract.

Norwood — used for hypoplasia syndrome of the left heart.

Also , the following operations are used for the treatment of congenital and acquired pathologies:



aortobedral bifurcation bypass surgery;

ilio-femoral and aorto-femoral bypass surgery;

Linton’s operation;



formation of arteriovenous fistula;

carotid endarterectomy using a synthetic patch for artery plasty.

The center also uses hybrid operations that combine coronary bypass surgery and X-ray endovascular intervention, which is important for the treatment of severe heart defects. To carry out such operations, a hybrid operating room is equipped, in which a modern tomograph is installed.


The capabilities of Medical City allow you to treat children with critical congenital heart defects, that is, when the clock is ticking. For example, our surgeons perform stenting of the excretory part of the right ventricle and pulmonary artery, which is a relatively new technique in the field of cardiac surgery.


Pediatric cardiac surgery in Tyumen

Gorbatikov Kirill Viktorovich is a cardiovascular surgeon of the highest qualification category.

Gorbatikov Kirill Viktorovich is a cardiovascular surgeon of the highest qualification category.


Kirill Viktorovich Gorbatikov, Head of the Department of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, is a cardiovascular surgeon of the highest qualification category. His author’s methods have won recognition both among doctors and among the guests of Medical City, including foreign ones.


The Department of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery “Medical City” is:


Unique author’s techniques that save the lives of hundreds of children every year.

Modern diagnostics, which allows to determine the pathology in the early stages.

Comfortable environment and placement of children in the hospital together with their parents with the provision of a separate place.

Optimal cost. With the same effectiveness of treatment, the cost in Medical City will be more affordable. So, transcatheter implantation of the aortic valve in Europe costs 38 000-56 000€, in “Medical City” — 23 thousand €.

Many foreign visitors are concerned about the question: how to transport a child with cardiovascular pathology to Tyumen? “Medical City” has well-established logistics and provides its assistance with the transfer. A personal doctor coordinator will tell you in detail about the flight and accommodation.