Month: November 2022

Advice to patients who are going to, or cannot yet come to us

First of all, you need to understand that there are different types of cancer.HTML comment: <!– /noindex –> Tumors can be very different, even if people have a tumor in the same organ. Based on the results of your tests, the doctor can tell what kind of tumor you have. Based on these analyses, it is also possible to predict the development of the disease and the results of treatment.

Understanding the forecast can influence your decision on the choice of […]

Robot-assisted operations in oncourology

MSH “Neftyanik” is the only clinic in the region where minimally invasive operations are performed with the help of a Da Vinci Si robot surgeon

How does such an operation work?

The surgeon remotely controls the robot’s 4 mechanical “hands” from a special console, controlling the process through high-resolution stereoscopic glasses. Every movement that the surgeon makes on the control console is repeated by the robot with absolute accuracy.


Among the undeniable advantages of robotic surgery:

fast recovery
reduction of pain,
no visible scars
minimal risks of […]

Comprehensive urodynamic study

CUDI is the only method that allows you to establish functional disorders in the bladder and make an ACCURATE DIAGNOSIS.


the study, special disposable sensors are installed to the patient, which record the behavior of the bladder.

Indications for urodynamic examination:

– Women and men with any urinary incontinence.

– Patients with urination disorders after surgical interventions.

– Patients with difficulty and frequent urination.⠀

– Patients with multiple sclerosis, brain and spinal cord injury, stroke patients who have urination disorders.

– Patients with congenital spinal cord diseases.

– […]