What can be done with chronic fatigue in winter?

You can, of course, wait until spring, when by the end of March the daylight hours will increase, the first seasonal vegetables will appear on the shelves again, but the quality of life will not improve from this expectation. It is important to understand that winter chronic fatigue will not go away by itself, because the reasons for its appearance are in the peculiarities of our climate, which we cannot change.

However, there are several ways to alleviate your condition:

try to observe proper nutrition – do not eat fast food, snacks, semi-finished products, fried and fatty. But at the same time, it is important to include meat, poultry, fish, meat and seafood in the diet – they are rich in B vitamins, which are useful for the nervous system,

add physical activity – if sports are contraindicated, then walk more, choosing beautiful places. You should not strive for sports records – physical activity should help, not increase fatigue,

bright colors and new pleasant impressions will positively affect the emotional state – beautiful clothes and nice little things (for example, a coffee mug with a pattern), movies, TV shows, favorite books, going to visit,

sleeping for 8 hours is, alas, an impossible advice for many working people, but now that many are being transferred for remote or partially remote work, you can adjust the sleep mode. If the work does not involve a remote format, then try to sleep at least 7 hours.

If all this does not help, then you should consult a doctor. He will prescribe tests in order to find out if there are problems with the level of hormones, vitamins, and how to solve them.